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Production company: TEB Creative / Fookusdisain OÜ

Producer & camera: Marko Lillemägi

Director & camera: Ranno Kasemaa

Language: Estonian and English

Length: 39’


The award-winning “Rooted in Song” is a heartfelt reflection of an Estonian expat choir’s journey from the United Kingdom to the Singing Grounds in Tallinn to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the tradition called Song Celebration.

This is a film is about the journey that took 516 days and 5 kilometers and explores the importance of singing, homeland and the meaning of the Song Celebration for Estonians living abroad and the meaning of the Estonians to Brits.

The main character of the movie is an energetic choir conductor Kristi Jagodin:

“Choral music has been my passion since I was 12-years old. It’s not my profession, it’s my life’s calling.”


The thoughts about the Song Celebration, Estonia and Estonians are also being shared by the singers Ragne Aaviste (London), Kristiina Mark (Aberdeen), Kristi Heinlaid (Staffordshire), Steve Chevis (Surrey), Richard Tannenbaum (Cambridge), Tiina Muru (Ireland) and reverend Martin Booth from Kent, who has Estonian roots.


“Estonians sing. You don’t have to say they are singers as well, because it’s natural.”

Screenings and awards:

The Hague Global Cinema Festival

The Hague
November 16, 2020
Honorable mention

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival

Russian Federation
Best Documentary (under 40 min)

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