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En Masse

We love a good challenge. And cramming a meaningful and entertaining story into a one-minute container is certainly what we would call a challenge. So, as you can imagine, we are incredibly happy and proud that our newest one-minute film En Masse (Massipsühhoos), commissioned by Estonian Film Institute, premiered in Estonia on the 15th of June 2023.

En Masse is an eerily familiar story set in a dystopian landscape of undefined time and place where a bright sign disrupts the otherwise mundane daily existence of a group of people. It’s a story of mass consciousness and how we are more likely to adhere to what others are doing than to stop and think for ourselves.

It’s the 4th time Estonian Film Institute has run their 1-minute film ideas commission and our second time to take part. A huge thanks to EFI for choosing our idea and trusting us to bring it to life.

Both times we worked together with our Estonia-placed friend and an amazing creative/producer, Liina Särkinen. This is our annual reason to come together, brainstorm ideas and eventually fly out to Estonia to bring the idea to screen.

We are eternally grateful for all the help we received this year from the talented cast and the fantastic assistants. We could not have made this ambitious shoot happen without them.

Everyone who has seen the short has come up with interpretations of the film’s message. And we are happy to leave it like that.

The film is also available at Estonian Film Institute's and National Archives platform and you can check out our previous successful submission below:

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