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Modern Busker: Francesco Nasone

“Buskers actually have an important social place, especially for a city like London. You, kind of, try to bring the sunshine. You try to be that positive energy that maybe is missing because of the weather.”

It was in March 2020 when I first heard Francesco play in front of the Tate Modern in London. His mesmerizing soft voice singing "Easy" made me stop and compelled me to listen to his whole set and to buy his CD (even though I didn't own a CD player).

Ever since I've been fascinated by the busking scene in London. Not in a way that I'm obsessing about it, but I do always wonder about what is the element that makes buskers go out on the streets and play for people who are just passing by and maybe stop to listen for a minute or two and then move on. And if London was a stage, what would it be like to perform on it?

This year I finally decided to get back to Francesco and find some of the answers to my questions and present them in the film called "Modern Busker: Francesco Nasone".

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