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The new season of the Storytellers Unleashed podcast has dropped

Time flies, especially when there are so many stories to capture and tell and so few hours in a day. So, whilst it doesn’t feel that long, we realised it has already been two years since we published our podcast Storytellers Unleashed. Since then, we have come out of lockdown, shot countless hours of video content and met new and exciting storytellers. And the latter has brought us to today when we are releasing our second season of Storytellers Unleashed.

In the Storytellers Unleashed podcast, we meet up with storytellers from different fields of life to talk about what makes a great story, where the inspiration comes from and how you get your story out to those who need to hear it. Also, once and for all, we try to find out what is the Greatest Story Ever Told.

The new season comes to you in two parts – part 2A is available now and part 2B is coming later in the year.

The first episode is about storytelling from a puppeteer’s perspective. We are talking with a talented puppeteer Teele Uustani who tells us about how to bring life into a puppet and why dying is something that puppets are great at, how to let puppets shine on stage, and why we are so obsessed with them. And, as always, ask about the greatest story ever told.

Episode two is a chat with Dean Goodwin-Evans aka the farmer drag queen Boo La Croux. We cover the basics of drag storytelling and how one balances a life of a drag queen, farmer and hairdresser and we hear how Dean uses his own story and voice to empower and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

And last, but not least, in the third episode, we are chatting with an award-winning cosplay photographer Carlos Adama. We learn what is cosplay in general, how to capture fantasy on camera and how using cosplay can help to explore one's identity.

All the episodes of Storytellers Unleashed season 2A are available on

and on most of your favourite podcast platforms.

If you consider yourself a storyteller and have a great story to share, do get in touch. We would love to have you as our guest in Storytellers Unleashed!

Our passion remains storytelling, getting inspired through inspiring people, and getting their message out there. Everyone and everything has a story to tell and we are here to help yours take flight.

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