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Follow your passion and the rest will follow - a story of a small home restaurant in Estonia

Many of us find ourselves lost during these tricky days.

Perhaps this is the best time to look back at your passions, rekindle them, and see where they take you.

Last spring, I (Ranno) interviewed my sister Evely who opened a home restaurant Kirss Toidul (Cherry on Food), first of its kind in a small town in Estonia called Pärnu. And she never looked back. In 6 months her inspired determination helped to grow a blossoming local business and still helps her to push through, even during these trying times.

Evely is probably one of the most strong-minded people I’ve ever met, but after moving from Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) to a small town with her husband and little daughter, she felt a little lost. I think that these “little lost” moments are the best ones that help us figure out what we are made of – even made for.

When Evely’s friend asked her what made her heart sing, she took a step back (literally slept on it) and realised that her passion lies in cooking and creating a cosy atmosphere. She dug deep into herself (and our mother’s recipe box) and created something that she can be immensely proud of.

It goes to show that when you tap into the source of what’s close to your heart it can inspire you to follow everything through with passion.

Our passion is storytelling, getting inspired through inspiring people, and getting their message out there. Everyone and everything has a story to tell and we are here to help yours take flight.

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