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It’s time to #ChangeTheStory with Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering is a fantastic organisation that helps people connect their skills and passions with causes close to their hearts.

In 2023 Reach Volunteering is on a mission to change the story of what we tell ourselves about humanity and what it means to be a human.

It’s time to shake off the negative thoughts and perceptions that hold us back and embrace the positive ideas about kindness, care and being part of the community that helps us launch our full potential for doing good. It’s time to #ChangeTheStory.

We have been happy to lend our helping hand to Reach on a voluntary basis for the past 3 years, but being involved in pulling together their campaign video is definitely a highlight of our relationship.

Find out how you can get involved with the campaign and Change The Story on their website: check out their website at

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