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Keeping up with the busy bees

Did you know that the 20th of May is the World’s Bee Day?

And what a great time of the year it is for bees, indeed - days are getting warmer, everything is colourful and blooming. While nature's unchanged rhythm is at its busiest, humans have been forced to adjust to a different beat. A slower and uncertain one.

During this slow down, we have lent our hands to a few aspiring projects and had a chance to hear about some local inspiring busy bees who have been volunteering in food banks, setting up online bootcamp classes and baking take away bread for the neighbourhood.

Keeping and appreciating the local and small is a great buzz…

But coming back to the World’s Bees Day. Last autumn I (Ranno) had a chance to meet up with some amazing local urban bees from Pearly Queen Honey and learn a little more about the importance of having the connection with what you eat and where it comes from.

My bee translator Meetal Patel gladly walked me through the life of these busy little creatures and shed some light on the whole sustainable cycle of how honey happens.

For instance, did you know that the urban environment is great for keeping bees and each borough in London delivers a slightly different taste, depending on the variety of flowers?

Bees may be small, but they have a pivotal role in our environment and in keeping us and everything around us afloat.

Just like the local volunteers and small businesses that are doing their best to keep their heads above the water.

So, let’s keep busy, stay connected, explore what’s around us, and help each other out during tricky times.

Our passion is storytelling, getting inspired through inspiring people, and getting their message out there. Everyone and everything has a story to tell and we are here to help yours take flight.

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