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Meet the Bees & Refugees

Some causes and people behind them are worth shouting out far and wide.

Please take a moment from your day to have a look at our latest venture with online magazine H&F Circles that brought us together with Ali Alzein - founder of Bees & Refugees.

Ali was forced to flee Syria in 2013 after his neighbourhood in Damascus became a battle zone and his family home was destroyed. Going through the refugee camps in Greece he found his way to the UK and applied for asylum. Battling with depression and trying to find his bearings, he found comfort in bees.

“I felt that both bees and refugees are under attack and that’s why I realized that bees and refugees could work together to support each other.”

Bees & Refugees aims to create bee-friendly communities by offering beekeeping courses to schools and housing bee hives in different parts of London and the UK, so that refugees, who need help with their own mental health could have easy access to them.

We are thankful and humbled that Ali agreed to share his story with us and hope that you consider supporting this important cause at

Or the very least share this story with other people.

Our passion is storytelling, getting inspired through inspiring people, and getting their message out there. Everyone and everything has a story to tell and we are here to help yours take flight.

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